About utR Biotech


utR Biotech Ltd. is a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that specializes in the development, optimization, purification and scale-up of therapeutic recombinant proteins. The team at utR Biotech Ltd. has extensive experience with the selection of ideal candidates/targets, the development and optimization of cell cultures, analytical development and optimization, downstream purification, process qualification and validation, scale-up and tech transfer, pre-clinical and clinical material generation, formulation development and stability. We have the knowledge and experience to take a recombinant target from conception to licensure.

The company was registered in 2016 by Dave Petch to focus on therapeutics for diabetes with additional research that may lower the frequency of cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and cardiovascular disease in Type 1 Diabetics . The preceding 5 years were focused on identifying areas of opportunity and understanding the fluctuations in the cancer and diabetic markets. The passion and focus on our mission is due to a few team members having family members who have succumbed to cancer and are actively being treated for type I and type II diabetes.