utR Biotech is actively seeking funding from a variety of sources.  We are currently processing a Canadian Federal Government funding application designed for biotech startups like utR.  Our initial funding will be the stepping stone towards our first round of research.  We have several university professors with confirmed interest in conducting research with utR with positive startup funding application approvals.  All indications to date from potential funding sources have been extremely positive and we are looking towards Q3-Q4 of 2019 for research to begin.

Venture Capital Firms

utR Biotech is currently looking for VC partners interested in a significant return on their investment with a vision towards helping people with diabetes enjoy a higher standard of living while reducing global healthcare costs.

Angel Investors

A diagnosis of Diabetes can mean years of painful injections, an overall reduction of quality and length of life, and can impact an entire family.  A suitable Angel Investor will be interested in funding research that will potentially result in the development of intellectual property along with the potential to produce a pharmaceutical product suitable for licensing or sale directly to diabetic patients in a growing global health care crisis. We seek to combine our product with insulin in a unique formulation to counter the effects of diabetes, neuropathy, decreased circulation, increased rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s in those living with Type 1 Diabetes.