uTR Biotech

Changing the face of Diabetes treatment

We hope to be treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes with a platform of products tailored specifically to symptoms associated with either stage of disease progression.

Our insulin research is primarily geared toward using a traditional formulation with an additive for alleviating the effects associated with chronic diabetes such as issues around microcirculation and neuropathy.

Our insulin will be formulated for having an expiration date between 12 and 24 months.

New Inroads for Cancer Treatment

At utR Biotech, we are dedicated to revolutionizing cancer treatment through our innovative drug delivery system. Our cutting-edge technology allows for precise targeting and delivery of therapeutics to cancer cells, maximizing their efficacy while minimizing side effects on healthy tissues.

New Covid-19 Prevention Platform

Stay tuned for the latest developments in 2023 from utR Biotech and Partners as we announce the results of 2 years of research on two new prevention and treatment products targeting coronaviruses and other related pathogens.