David Petch is CEO/CSO of utR Biotech. He possesses a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science, Honours in Microbiology.

David has over 22 years in the Biotech industry, ranging from Cell Culture, bioassay development, protein purification, product development and hyperimmune processes. His specialty in Cell Culture/fermentation processes was the spark for the formation of this company. Three peer review articles were published from his Masters dissertation. A peer reviewed article in 2013 was published in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. Finally, a paper nearing publication was stopped due to transfer of an internal project to another company (Former employer).

Cell Death in Fed-Batch Processes Attributed to Declines in NAD+ Pools: Extension of Cell Viability by Supplementation with Pyruvate (2016). Not published due to project being discontinued and transferred to spin off company.

The Contracting Fibonacci Spiral. Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. 10-14, (2013)

Profile of Energy Metabolism in a Murine Hybridoma: Glucose and Glutamine Utilization. D. Petch, and M. Butler.  Journal of Cellular Physiology. 161: 71-76, (1994).

The Effect of Alternative Carbohydrates on the Growth and Antibody Production of a Murine Hybridoma. D. Petch and M. Butler. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 59: 93-104. (1996)

The Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on the Metabolic Profile of a Murine Hybridoma Grown in a Serum-Free Medium in a Continuous Culture.  D. C. H. Jan, D. Petch, N. Huzel, and M. Butler. Biotechnology and Bioengineering.  54 (2):  153-164, (1997).

In addition to his science background David completed a Certificate Program in Intellectual Property / Technology Commercialization Management. This program involved learning how to write patents and develop a business that utilizes some form of technology.

David previously was a co-founder of a website based stock market company where analysis of various markets was performed on a daily basis (S&P 500 Index, US Dollar Index, Canadian Dollar, Oil, Gold 10 Year US Treasury Index, Natural Gas, AMEX Gold BUGS Index, Biotech Index, AMEX Oil Index, Toronto Stock Exchange, portfolio of stocks) between 2003 and 2016. Using proprietary analysis (Fibonacci based stochastic patterns, Bollinger Band spreads, Elliott Wave Analysis) examined at daily, weekly and monthly time frame, all markets were collectively analyzed to aid in determining money flows into different currencies and sectors. Using complex market analysis can be used in conjunction with Martin Armstrong’s Pi cycle and Economic Business Cycle to determine when there will be weakness or strength in the broad stock market indices.

With an understanding of the broad stock market indices and global economy, (and understanding demographics and current medical time bombs within the population), this focused David to further isolate diabetes melittus as one of the best markets to penetrate using a multiple disruptive platform to transform the way and fashion insulin is formulated and purchased.

Through an extensive business plan and background reading into the molecular mechanisms and production of insulin, it was realized early on that treatment of diabetes required the addition of a novel protein not used or included in any currently insulin analogues. Tailoring his 22 years of biotech experience ranging from complex literature searches, business planning and broad understanding of life sciences, utR Biotech Ltd. was born. Top talent was recruited in order to form a core team of initial founders (David Petch, Lyle Kirchner, David Cassie, Ryan Gray) to drive success of the company.

David has a fiancé (to be married in 2017) and has two children from a previous relationship. In his spare time, David enjoys making wine, weight lifting, walking, being outdoors and reading about many different aspects of science. It is his belief that continuing to expand horizons and understanding about completely different fields often provides the opportunity for exploiting ideas or concepts in another.